Modern Photography - Devin Chen

Modern photography has innovative shifts in perspective over the common types of photography known in the 20th century. In the 21st century, photographers travel out of the realm of commonplace artistic visions to find spectacular images for the newer audience.

Modern city landscapes show the progression of human-made buildings that change the plane of living in the city. Architecture is able to create unique photographs for photographers.
The buildings of the 21th century allows light to reflect more off of its surfaces, allowing more versatile directions of light to be photographed. An abundance of windows makes this building shine.
Theater is an art in which special effects are a part of the performance. The camera captures a spectacle that tells the story of celebration in storytelling in more vibrant colors than it ever had.
Abstract ideas can be presented in photographic form when the idea is made in nature. The visual elements can be portrayed in photograph as a medium.
Natural compositions can be beautiful ways that nature can express itself. The contrastive elements that stand on their own can sometimes merge and form great compositions as one passes by.
Photographs can be merged to create three dimensional works of art. Myung Keun Koh created this piece by blending multiple layers of his picture and made walls to make this illusion pop.
Digital editing has made it possible to create pictures that a normal photograph is not capable of making. This new dimension of art has made it possible for photographers to have higher creativity.
Landscapes are possible to capture without the need of an artist to paint. The versatile compatibility of the camera can make images possible from various angles with a shift of perspective.
Murals can be viewed in a new form when a picture of the work shows the architecture of the wall that it was painted on. This gives a new perspective of the entire piece.
Celebrations can be recorded with photography since the early 20th century. Important events, new beginnings, and holidays can be shown in full representation.
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