Color Harmony

This gallery contains pieces of art work which uses color harmony. Color harmony is when the colors picked for a painting , go well between them in a harmonious way and give's you a sensation that the different stuff in the paintings, indeed are in the same place.

This painting from Vincent Van Gogh uses very well the harmony of color. The way how mountains , sky and land go very well together.
Edvard Munch's Woman painting is really interesting. The colors used complement each other in the middle of the painting. The woman on the left represents the ''saint'' girl most of woman want to be in peace, meanwhile the right one is the ''dark'' side of having a lover. Which gives me a sensation of secrecy. The middle woman is the balance of being free, to be able to be yourself without minding much about what society says.
Edgar Degas in this painting used pretty well the combination of cold colors and warm colors. The harmony between them can be easily seen , in the landscape, dancers , their dresses even the sky and plants, all have the perfect value of color.
Vincent Van Gogh's The pink orchard. This painting uses color harmony in a curious way. Complementary colors are used to give the sensation that trees  stick out over the lands scape and background.
This one is my personal favorite piece of art. Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh  takes the use of color to another level. Every single color in the painting you can see it everywhere in the painting. It gives a sensation of impressionism with impasto, Hard brush strokes  and you can see the paint used .
Landscape by Edgar Degas, This particular landscape is very rich in color. the blue, red and green are colors you see everywhere in this painting. The landscape feels like its really there.
Imperial Fritillaries in a copper Vase. By Vinvent Van Gogh. This painting of imperial fritillaries uses a lot the harmony of colors, the background is harmonious with the flowers, the vase and even the ground. Excellent piece of work.
The Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh It's a very good example of the use of harmony colors. The blue of the sky is strong even in the land, the light of the stars are also present in the wind and houses. the color of the tree its also seen all over the painting.
Seascape from Vincent Van Gogh . The colors in this paintings engage with each other though the waves, the deep green of the sea can be seen even on the waves , and the light of the sun with a really bright yellow.
This painting from Vincent Van Gogh it's an excellent piece of art work, Mainly working with yellow , the use of red for shadows and light yellow for the light , makes this painting very harmonious.
Boulevard de Clichy It's based on cold colors  with some warm colors for lights. The way these two different  colors combine  in such a natural way that makes this painting really delightful to contemplate.
The seine at Saint-Cloud by Edvard munch. This painting it's very rich in color, how the green of the leaves can be seen on the lake , ground , trunk of the tree and even on the sky. The same with the river, you can see blue at the ground and on the shadow of the tree. Yellow is also a vivid color in this painting. The use of color harmony in this painting it's really notable.
Starry Night by Edvard Munch. This painting is based on cold colors, such as green and blue. The lights from the houses contrast with the cold colors and gives a sensation of warmth there, yet again you  can see most of the colors all over the paintings, specially the mix of blue en green.
Vampire by Edvard Munch. This painting really got me, I can really feel the pain the man is feeling and how the woman's arms somehow protects him, and makes him feel better. Its giving comprehension which we all want deep inside. I think this is because the use of that vivid red color of the woman's hair that goes all around the man's body. All colors match together. Great painting.
Bank of Seine by Vincent van Gogh. This painting Its very diverse in color and still Vincent manages to make them harmonious with each other, How the color of the plants an trees reflect on the water with a touch of brownish. The sky is also present all over the painting.
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