This Gallery features oil paintings of landscapes. Oil paintings are preferred over photographs because anyone can take a photo,  if you couple a beautiful landscape with the skill of a great artist you have a truly powerful work of art. Landscape paintings have a certain weight to them that you can't feel with other paintings.  They are the epitome of awe-inspiring.  Our planet offers incredibly beautiful views and, although nothing can replace the feeling of seeing these places first hand,  these artists attempt to capture and reproduce the overwhelming beauty of our planet earth.

The Great Forest is a simple landscape that eases us into the world of landscape art. The Great Forest has a small amount of world is beautiful. In our modern world surrounded by technology we forget the beauty in a tree.
Landscape art reaches the America's with this painting of the famous Niagara Falls. The fame of the falls allows views to reflect on the difference between the actual landscape and a painted representation
Cook Straight, New Zealand offers another look at the impact of space to add weight to a landscape painting. The clouds on the left side help the painting to appear as though it takes up less space which makes this a good painting for us to learn but not be overwhelmed with space.
Yalla-y-Poora is the best example of the effect of space. There isn't much to this painting but the fact that it captures so much space it means it carries a lot of weight which you feel when you look at it.
This painting shows a lot of depth however the highlight of the painting is the mountain in center view. The combination of the depth and the showcasing of the mountain give it tremendous beauty. This painting captures both aspect that make landscape art powerful.
This is my counter example. This painting depicts Venus and attempt to showcase her beauty. Much like the landscape art this painting has a lot of space and beauty. Although you can feel the difference between glancing at the nude of Venus vs the impact of a mountain view The Birth of Venus lacks the weight that hits you with landscape art.
This painting has tremendous depth and showcases the beauty of the mountains as well at the lake and surrounding area. Lake Lucerne successfully combines all things that make landscape art beautiful and therefore came out as a tremendously beautiful painting. Watch this video breakdown: http://www.artbabble.org/video/ngadc/lake-lucerne-1858-albert-bierstadt
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