MOTHER OF GRACE - Mirabutaleb Nazari

This gallery contains images depicting the Virgin Mary in both sculpture and painted mediums from around the world.  

This is an image of the Virgin Mary carrying baby Jesus while surrounded by the Order of Mercy saints Peter and Raymond. There is much symbolism used throughout this image to draw your attention to the Virgin Mary and Christ Child. She is also significantly larger in scale than her counterparts, making her the center of attention. Country: Chile
Virgin of Guadalupe by Juan de Villegas show Virgin Mary in the center standing on a crescent moon held by an angel and surrounded by angels. In the four corners of the piece is a representation of the four apparitions of the Virgin to an indian named Juan Diego. The octagonal shaped frame at the bottom shows an image of the landscape where the Basilica of Guadalupe was built. The colors used on Mary fit the culture of the area this was created and also draw the attention to her. Country: Mexico
Our Lady of Kazan shows the Virgin Mary with Jesus. The Virgin has her head slightly leaned towards Jesus while he has his hand out giving a blessing a looking towards the viewer. We can see a crown atop the Virgin Mary's head which is common throughout various depictions of her. The use of gold and silver to create this piece also show the importance of it. Country: Russia
The Immaculate Conception by Joan de Joanes shows the Virgin Mary being crowned by Christ and God as the Mother of Christ. There are various symbols in the work depict the life of the Virgin and her role in the church. It starts at her birth and ultimately reaches the point of her being crowned as Queen of Heaven. The gold used in this piece is indicator of its importance as a sacred icon. Country: Spain
Our Lady of Smolensk shows an image of the Virgin Mary hugging Jesus Child. This kind of depiction is a variation of the Virgin of Tenderness and was quite important in the Ancient Russian culture. Country : Russia
Our Lady of Rosário is a silver statue of the Virgin Mary holding Jesus Child and holding the Rosary (Rosário). The features of this statue were made intentionally very lifelike. This was to convey movement and tenderness of the Virgin. Both Mary and Jesus are crowned with silver however, Mary's crown is embedded with rubies, emeralds and diamonds signifying her role as Queen of Heaven. Country: Portugal
This depiction of the Virgin Mary shows a compassionate Mary. It was created at the start of the first World War as the artists reaction to the tragic events of the war. The title, "The Mother of God of Tenderness Towards Evil Hearts", is conveyed through the Virgin's expression and her hands in the air. This version of Mary was highly revered in Russian culture and made it fitting considering the circumstances. Country: Russia
This sculpture shows Saint Anne, the Virgin Mary and Jesus Child holding the globe of the world. Both Mary and Jesus are depicted as children in the sculpture. This kind of representation was known in Germany as, Anna Selbdritt. Mary is shown crowned here signifying her role as Queen of Heaven. Country: Germany
Our Lady of Assumption shows the Virgin Mary ascending into the Heavens. We can see Jesus outstretching his hand to Mary across from God. Also, Angels are looking onto this process with adoration in their expressions. Mary is significantly larger than the others in the image to help ensure she is the focus of the piece. Country: Italy
Our Lady Refuge of Sinners was used as patroness for the California missions. We can see Mary holding Jesus Child, both crowned and in lavish clothing. At the bottom of Mary's we see a Latin inscription reading, "Refuge of Sinners, pray for us". This kind of depiction of the Virgin and Jesus show us the importance of them. Country: Peru
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