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I think that this artwork would be an example of low definition. I feel this way because the objects in this image arent easily noticeable. For example in the artwork on the right side at the top you can barely see all of the lines that makes up whatever this object is. Another example would be in the front the objects close up are easily seen and you could easily determine what they are.
This artwork is an example of high definition. I say this because in the drawing you can see the objects clearly and see all of the distinguishing details of the animals/people that are there.
This artwork would be an example of value scale. I say that because in this artwork there is a lot of black and white from darker shade to lighter shades.
In this artwork it is a good example of balanced value distribution. I say this because the different shades of black and gray, are pretty much divided up evenly throughout the picture. When the view will look at this picture they wont feel sad or happy because this picture gives off a neutral mood
This artwork is an example of Chiaroscuro because this picture looks like if could be from an older artist bases on the way the subject looks and the clothes that he has on. Another example of why is because the background isn't a light color its more of a darker color and thats one of the main points in Chiaroscuro. You can tell the the light source is coming from the left of the person because the right side of his face is darker and the left side of his face is lighter
This artwork is an example of volumetric value because this object could have clearly been a two dimensional figure but the artist chose to create the vision he or she had into a sculpture.
This artwork is an example of attached shadows because you can see the shadows that form under the chin of the subject and also around the nose area. These are attached shadows because they are shadows that are within the focus of the drawing.
This artwork is an example of cast shadows. This is because the light source in this picture is coming directly from the top of the room and the cast shadows are basically on the floor of the.
This artwork is an example of unbalanced value distribution because there are more darker colors than there are lighter colors. Because of this the mood of the artwork changes to a kind of scary or spooky mood instead of a happy or neutral mood when looking at this particular image.
This artwork is an example atmospheric perspective because its showing the a mountain landscape. Also the mountain and various objects in the picture that are close up have more details than the mountains that are further back,
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