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I lived in Scotland for 6 months and was able to visit the Scottish national Galleries. My favorite of all the pieces is probably the ones by Edgar Degas, and I am probably more of a fan of impressionism. I love that they take small strokes with the brush to create a really put together piece. I also really loved the piece by Peter Graham because it reminds me of a hike I took on the Isle of Arran. 

I like how there is so much detail in this, it's almost as if you can see each snowflake.
This reminds me of a hike that I took on the Isle Of Arran, and I love how it really captures the Scottish countryside so realistically.
Degas is one of my favorites, I love his dancer series, because he really tells a story through a series of paintings. It may not be as detailed as other paintings, but I love impressionism.
Out of all of Degas pieces this one is my favorite, and I actually got to see it in person which made it even better. I love how he doesn't have distinct brush strokes in it.
Monet I love because he shows the darker side of painting. He uses darker colors to create a darker emotion, but he uses the lighter colors here to show a bit of hope.
I really like the impressionism in this picture.
I love the detail in this painting especially the clouds, plus it is a painting of one of my favorite places.
My favorite part of this painting is the reflection of the trees in the river, it has a calming affect.
Again, the detail in this picture is extraordinary. I can't imagine how long it took to paint all of that detail. Especially the mountains in the back.
I love how this piece has almost abstract clouds that create a gloomy mood. Beautiful.
I liked this picture because it had a light mood through the dancing people. The painter really did a good job of creating movement with the people.
This one I LOVE because it is impressionism but it is more detailed than some of the other impressionists.
I really like the artist's use of small defined brush strokes to create a really detailed landscape.
The ocean is one of my favorite landscapes for people to paint. This one makes me feel relaxed.
This is one of my favorites because the author did a really great job making the ocean look stormy, and I really like how he had the wave splash against the lighthouse so aggressively.
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