Lines, lines everywhere

Lines are everywhere even in Japanese Calligraphy. I chose this one because this type of writing has always interested me and always wanted to learn.
Straight lines can create anything you want even circles or spheres
With just a simple offset and tone of the line you can create an illusion that makes everything blurry
I like this one because it reminds me of some of the MC Escher drawing I love
Lines are natural moving and they have flow I like this one because if the interesting theme of darkness but yet I find it peaceful
As simple as this but still it appears that it is on a 3D world.
The line of sight in this makes it look that there is infinity going on by taking the eye in the far beyond in the perspective of this painting
Force perspective is fun to see and do but not easy. By forcing the lines to be warped and looked in the wrong angle is a challenge and the final piece is something that you can see for hours
Seeing nature constraint in 12 lines making a huge cube is something interesting
This one was just funny Snow White doing some Snow White. It' s dark but I like dark
This shows that with good line work you can make anything seem real
Even though there are no visible straight lines, you can see the line flow of the mountains going side by side like waves on the beach
As simple as showing the line of perspective using the same circle but seeing it warp is something that confuses some people
Another interesting surreal piece using different line weights so you can focus on everything one piece at a time without getting your eyes tires because of all the movement in this piece
Infinity is something I like because even though you see the line getting thinner it really isn't and I just love that
Credits: All media
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