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Clare 209 Sum 1

No Woman, No Cry was painted by Chris Ofili in1998. This piece really hit me hard at first sight. When you think about all that black women had to go through over the years they have come a very long way. When i look at her face i see tears of joy because of making it through tough times in her life.
The Fall of the Rebel Angels was painted by Pieter Bruegel the Elder in 1562. This piece is very chaotic as one could assume by the name. It is very interesting because there is so much chaos. It shows that no one is perfect and even some angels may have a downfall.
This picture was painted by Edvard Munch in 1910. This is the most unexplainable painting I've seen in the galleries. No matter how many times you look at the picture i can never find a reason hidden in the picture of why he might be screaming. Yet, each time i look at the painting i find myself trying harder and harder to come up with a reason. Thats why I love this piece. because no matter how many times you look at it you still just cant figure it out.
St. Sebastian was painted around 1618 by Peter Paul Rubens. St. Sebastian was a man who was killed during the Roman emperor Diocletian's persecution of Christians. I put this in the gallery as a reminder of what people had to go through for their beliefs and how far the world has come. When i look at this i always think of the quote " If you haven't found something worth dying for, you aren't fit to be living."
This is a powerful painting . It is often referred to as the end of the world painting. Its amazing to think that destruction can look so beautiful. It is actually scary to think of something like this happening. There would be no where to run. Everything would just be simply, over.
This photo is just pure beauty. The way the water blends into the sky, the way the sun lights up the sky and reflects off the lake almost seem too perfect. I like this photo because it is so relaxing and its awesome to know there are places this beautiful in the world.
This photo is just awesome. Just to think that houses used to be made out of dirt and this is how far that weve come. Architecture has come a long way over the years. The thought that makes this picture 10 times better is that if this is how far architecture has come then just think about what could possible be next.
Ahhh the great pyramids. This photo is awesome. I mean just think about it, thousands of little people like we see here in the photo made these great pyramids and Sphinxes . On top of that they made them in a time where latest technology was the pully system. Thats just amazing to know what people were able to do with so little yet today we always find ourselves asking for so much.
This photo was taken right as the depression was ending in 1942. When i look at this photo of this women i see a women who has been through a lot. She just has that look and stature about here that gives the feeling that she's been through it all and will always know what to say.
This picture defines simplicity. This photo shows like the ideal place to go when you just to need to get away and spend time with your family or even by yourself. The simple house not too flashy but good enough to be comfortable in with the nice lake and the feeling of isolation all make it feel so peaceful.
This is a very romantic sculpture. This depicts one of my favorite mythology stories. Cupid was sent to ruin Psyche's life by making her fall in love with an ugly women. When he went to hit her with the arrow he was distracted by her beauty and hit himself and fell in love with her. After a lot of struggles they were in love with each other and lived a happy life
This sculpture is depicts a very sad story. Orpheus travelled all the way to hell to get his wife back and he was almost successful. Hades told him he could have her back but he was not allowed to look at her until she left the underworld. As he was stepping out he turned around a step to soon and she was taken back into hell. This sculpture shows him grieving over his loss
This sculpture shows a man thinking. About what ? The world may never know. That is what is great about this sculpture. This man is thinking about whatever you want him to be its all up to you.
This sculpture was just amusing to me because of its set **. I love how its pops out at you and you can see the details of the war .
This is a very interesting picture. This man was forced to eat his four sons to stay alive. If you look closely at his face you can see the pain and agony on his face of going through this tough situation.
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