Egyptian Art

By: Tim Kelleher

This was a tomb built to hold the remains of Theban priest Nesanetjerenpere. The long wig and beard are used to symbolize divinity. Sadly some of the hieroglyphs on the case have be lost over time.
This was made at the beginning of the Amarna period. This was a time were new visions of religious and artistic thinking. This isn't of anyone important, it's just the head of a man.
This is a bronze statue of King Necho. It is unknown what time period this was made in.
This is the marriage scarab of Amunhotep III and Queen Tiye. This was made in the New Kingdom period.
This was used as a decoration for coffins in the New Kingdom period. It is made of Obsidian, limestone, and blue glass. Used between 1539-30 B.C.
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