Trend Setters

artists who changed the art world, in my opinion

I chose this self portrait because it was the first of its kind to be to have a non religious figure in a frontal pose. This piece of art is fine art because there is only one.
I chose this one because it is replicated in modern media and became an iconic piece of art. This art is considered fine art, though replicated, there was only one made.
This piece of art is fine art, it is one of a kind. One of Van Gogh's most memorable pieces of art.
This is fine art due to the unique style of Rubens, and it is one of a kind. Rubens made his figures big and beefy, known as rubenesque.
This is a fine art, due to it being a self portrait of Warhol and only one is made. Warhol was a trendsetter in the coming of modern art, standing out from the rest, ahead of his time.
Credits: All media
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