Through the dark, Comes light

This gallery includes representations of art, inspired from times of war, throughout world history. Although sad times in world history, these pieces of art show what beauty can come from dark times.

Draw to show the aftermath of war, this artist uses depth to show a path of destruction. More detail is given to the rubble, than to the people, this technique lets the viewers eye see the important of the destruction.
Vibrant colors are used to show the emotion of happiness. Movement is also given to the characters, to show excitement. Hugging between soldiers and family brings warmth to a viewers eyes.
Dark shadow is used to outline a lady holding her child to show depth. Her face has a look of fear, while embracing her child, to give the child security. The background is blank, this brings the attention of the viewers directly to the mother and child.
Painted from a memory of a plane crash, wild flames are present in this abstract art. The wildness of the flames appear to raise from the ground. As the flames raise, the lines begin to merge into a smooth flow of smoke.
The different angles given to the ground create depth, as well as, the the detail to each person on a horse. The lighting in the sky gives emotion with the added detail of the ground.
Gray sky gives the emotion of war. Motion is present with a horse jumping. Detail is given to a broken horse carriage, showing the viewer the effects of this battle.
The woman's head is slightly raised, this gives the viewer a sense of pride. Background is left blank, so give more detail to the woman in uniform. The feeling of viewing this, gives the emotion of pride and a sense of commitment.
Dark shadows are used to show depth, and the feeling of motion. The character is moving forward, the background lines also help show this movement. More detail is given to the character to show their importance.
Gray color is used to show sadness emotion. The lady embraces the soldier returning home safely. Her head is held high, showing relief. Background doesn't take away from the main focus of the two individuals.
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