Peter Pan By J.M Barrie

Docent: Josh Marett

Selected Epigraph "As soon as I saw you I knew an adventure was going to happen" ~Winnie the Pooh, I chose this quote because every time someone sees Peter Pan they know an adventure is coming.
Universal Theme The universal themes I chose were innocence because no of them were adults and they didn't know better, freedom because everyone feels free of responsibility, and appreciation of nature because in Neverland everyone respected everything.
Tone The tone of this story was playful and hopeful. I chose playful because on the children's journey to Neverland they were just goofing off and being silly. I also chose hopeful because Peter really wanted a mother to take care of him and the lost boys on Neverland.
Universal Theme Peter Pan took place in 20th century Great Britain
Connection I feel Peter Pan relates to Bud Not Buddy. In both of the stories there are orphan boys that are basically alone and can make friends easily.
I feel this represents Wendy because she acts like a mother to Peter and the lost boys, but at home she is just the daughter getting mothered. Day in the Life-
I feel this picture also represents Wendy because she is more of a realist and she thinks about other people and what could happen. For example she thought of how worried her parents would be if she left. Mandala-
Credits: All media
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