A Trillion Leaves - Olen Humphries

This gallery includes representations of the medium as in the form of paintings that are all related to the subject of a forest. Color is used to help create the feel of a luscious life or the feel of an autumn look in all of the paintings in the gallery. 

This opening piece of artwork, A Glimpses from the Forest, depicts a man centered on a large rock, surrounded by tress, over looking a mountain and lake in the distance. The use of earthly tones of greens, browns, and grays are depicted throughout the entire piece creating the color and feel of the painting.
The vast amounts of clouds make up the upper part of the painting, as the lake creates the scene at the bottom, as the tall tress surround the lake and reach up towards the sky. The use of brownish toned colors on the tress, grass, and sky give the autumn feel to the panting. The use of greens is slightly hinted in the tress and parts of the grass to show that nature is still alive.
Tall luscious tropical plants surround the old dirt path that carves its way down the center of the piece, as old rotten tree trunk are scattered throughout the surrounding forest. In the piece, Ferntree Gully in the Dandenong Ranges, bright shades of green create the luscious environment of the forest.
Tall cylinder squares make up the tree trunks in the panting. Odd shaped lines create what is suppose to be the forest floor in the painting Untitled. The use of color helps to tell what the objects in the painting are suppose to be. The green makes of the odd shaped lines in the bottom creating the jungle leaves. The use of browns and greys help to create to cylinder squares turning them into tree trunks.
Older trees with moss on them make up the left hand side of the painting while tall luscious tress make up the background of the image. Towards the bottom of the image, grass and a lake in the distance create the lower third of the painting tiled Forest of Fontainebleau. Brownish towns of darker greens and lighter greens make up the leaves of the plants. Brownish colored strokes make the grass down by the lake giving a more autumn vibe to the painting.
In the bottom part of the entire forest, white flowers a top what seems to be green leaves. Shooting up from the leaves are the tree trunks which disappear out of the image tilted Mori. Different shades of greens make up the leaves on the bottom of the floor along with the small tree up front making the forest seem lush. Uses of browns and greys are used to make the trunks of the trees.
Three men sit on a large rock in the middle of the forest, which is surrounded by a large snow capped mountain range, in the background of the painting tilted The Forest of Valdoniello, Corsica. The color white is used in the piece to great the snow allusion atop the mountains. Lighter greens are used to create the tress as it slowly fades off in the distance using darker shades of greens.
Tall luscious tress lines the grass cover path that runs down the center of the image slowly vanishing into the distance of the painting tilted Forest Scene. The use of greens, blues, browns, and yellows are used to create the image. The use of yellows and browns let the viewer know that the image is set in the fall season.
Older mossed covered tress surround and grow out of the marsh in the bottom of the painting tilted A Marsh in a Forest at Dusk. The use of the colors of prink, black, and grey help create the feeling of dusk and scariness in the image. A small amount of green is used to create the leaves of the trees.
A small horse is centered in the lower part of the image. The horse is surrounded by tall leave less trees in the painting tilted Wagon in the Forest. The use of white is used in the image to make the horse stand out above everything else. The browns and blacks were used to make the image look dark creating the feel of dusk or autumn.
Credits: All media
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