The lesser known workforce of the american farm

This gallery was coordinated to express just how important the cow and oxen were to the average farm in America.  Too many people often think that the cow is nothing more than a livestock animal being raised for milk and meat.  Little do they realize that the cow was a tremendous help around the farm.  Large cows and oxen were used to pull heavy carts full of farm supplies around the fields, so that farmers wouldn't have to carry it themselves.  Farms often times treated their cows like members of the family for the work they put in.  

This picture shows off the rugged and tough features of the ox. As the cow stares into the viewer's eyes, the viewer is left feeling a sense of power or even pride from the ox.
Here, we see a bunch of cows grazing in the fields that they helped plow. Before the modernization of farm tools and equipment, cows were used to help plow the large farm fields for the incoming crops.
This cow would most likely be used to give milk, which could be used to make cheese and other dairy products. Not all cows used their brawny figures to help with the manual labor.
This picture shows off how physically impressive oxen could become. It's not much of a wonder why farmers used this animal as a primary source of labor.
Here we see a cow with some sort of harness attached around its head. This is some sort of indicator that the cow was used to pull some cart or sleigh along for the farmer.
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