elements and principles of design

line- implied line, this has implied line because they way the buildings were photographed it looks like it is creating a square
shape- this has implied shape because all the people are standing together and it looks like a circle
form- this is organic form because it is in nature and the shadows on the leaves and it takes up three dimentionel space
space- this picture shows space because the key is in the foreground and looks about as big as the person in the background
color- this shows color because it is all cool colors except for the yellow flowers on the ground so it shows contrast
texture- this shows real texture because it is a picture and the ground is dry and it looks like it would feel rough
value- this picture is low contrast because it has bright whites and a lot of different shade of gray
line- implied line, its implied because the water makes your eye move through the picture
shape- its implied shape because the people standing together make it look like a circle even though there are gaps in the shape
form- this shows for because it is a real/organic shape and it looks like if you touched the sculpture it would be smooth
space- this shows space since the leaves are closer to the camera in the foreground so it looks bigger than the house that is in the background
color- this shows contrast because it has both cool and warm colors throughout the whole picture
texture- this has real texture because the belt it real and the beads would make it look and feel bumpy
value- this has low contrast and is high key because it does show a range of different grays but the picture is mostly dark colors
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