Dark View in Baroque

I fell in love with the Baroque Art style because it's so dramatic and beautiful. I can look at this type of painting forever. My main theme is Darkness. I love drawings and paintings that have a lot of contrast and drama with a powerful meaning.

The reason I chose this painting was because of the drama and detail in the characters, and how the artist used color and the black background which was a really nice touch. I love it.
I love the choice of lighting from a candle  and the deepness in the black background surrounding the painting. I know this is a very gruesome painting but the depiction of death within each detail of the painting is what caught my attention.
I like this piece because I could identify with the pose in the portrait. I can relate to the woman in the painting because I too sometimes feel alone with nothing to do and no one to talk you. The beautiful detail in the the lighting again, its just gorgeous.
Cupid is a funny character to draw and Caravaggio's approach in the the above portrait is not what I would have imagined which is why I chose this piece. It's different and happens to be so life like. The youthfulness and the playfulness are so well shown by Caravaggio. The contrast in piece is amazing.
The drama in this piece is well put together with this deep colors and highlighting of the main character as well as the shadowing of the bad guy in the back are what grabbed my attention. 
Once again the dark background brings out the beautiful details in this painting. The painting depicts sweetness, beauty and peace. The details on the white blouse and the lighting on her face makes this a captivating piece.
This painting took a different route with the lighting. Their is no light source but the baby, that is a brilliant way to bring the viewers attention to the highlighted baby. Is as if his/she is the sun and they are all in love with it. I love the detail and the deep black. Brilliant piece by Hjeritt Van Hontorst.
I chose this portrait because of the power it depicts. The dark red and the background allows the prince stance of authority to stand out and his friendly features to shine.
This one is a different kind of dark painting it has a lot of light and the contrast around the edge of the lady adds a finishing touch. I chose this one because of its sexuality and baroque theme painting.
I chose this painting because of its religious theme. The baptism takes place in  what looks to be a river and the lighting right above the water being poured over his head brings holiness to the piece.
This one is a slap in the face for cupid. He gets slammed in the floor by a more powerful cupid. I'm unsure if he is another cupid or an archangel that doesn't like cupids work and wants to take him out. I don't know why but I just like this piece because it makes me feel like you never know what is coming out around the corner. The choice of color is amazing here too.
I chose this painting because although you can't really see major details to anyone's face,Manfredi did a fantastic job at focusing the the attention on the character dressed in red. The painting makes me want to lean over and be a part of the conversation.
I really love the way the Angel is concentrating on releasing St Peter and the attentive look on St. Peters face as he is being released. Once again the dark background allows the viewer to concentrate on the characters emotions.
I chose this painting painting because although young, St John the Baptist comes across as strong and unafraid. He's prepared to face all kinds of calamities. 
Wow! I chose this painting because it demonstrates the strength of a woman. The force of their small frames pining down a man twice their size speaks of a woman's strength.
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