Sacred Worship

One major theme throughout a lot of art pieces is the theme of the Sacred Realm. I decided to explore the different pieces of art that display all of the types of worship that not only differ, but are also similar as well. Each piece displays the ways that each culture chooses to worship and the differences in what they worship. Worship can take place either within nature or inside of a special building. This gallery will explore each of those objects of worship and also how each culture does so. 

This picture shows how people of the Hindu religion display their acts of worship. Bowing their heads is a sign of respect to their particular god in their special way. The video helps show their ways.
The worshiping of the golden calf continues the nature theme although this group chooses a specific object and not a person as their center on worship.
This painting shows an Indian man pointing a shield to the heavens in proclaiming his worship. He also uses nature to help forward his faith.
The difference of all of the artworks can really be seen here. This is the only two-dimensional piece of art in the whole gallery and while the form is different, the theme is the same.
A new type of worship is shown here where the focus shifts from a male figure to a female. Once again the piece does shift in the form, but the theme remains the same.
The true beauty of nature is shown here where the Catholic theme is integrated. They are worshiping the wound of Jesus from when he was nailed to the cross. This was one artwork that I was really able to relate to.
The final piece that I chose ends things with a more modern look on religion. The people are inside of church and worshiping Jesus above them. It's a look that nearly every person can relate to in today's time.
Credits: All media
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