landscaping Perspective

Landscapes are an amazing and easy way to show proper perspective.

The road disappearing into the distance helps convey the perspective of this work.
perspective in this work can be seen through the use of the city in the background.
Perspective in this work is shown by the castle in the background being smaller than the trees in the foreground.
The river disappears into the distance showing depth.
with the bridge in the background being the same size as the people up front shows the depth in perspective
since the tree is much larger than the building behind it you get a better feeling for the perspective
with the mountains in the background being faded and quite small looking compared to the tree adds the depth needed to bring the work together as a whole
with the path leading to the town in the distance we are given a point in the perspective of the work as a whole.
the smaller trees in the distance give the work depth and add to the perspective
from the perspective in this painting it looks as though we have two possible paths that we can follow.
from the perspective in this work both buildings look about the same size. but you can tell the one on the right is bigger since it looks farther away.
the river in the background leading away from the building adds to the depth in the perspective.
The knights fighting in the foreground allow perspective to be shown with the castle looking really small.
The trees on the right seem closer because they are bigger than those on the left and the port city in the middle looks far away.
the painting seems kind of flat until you notice the boat in the bottom right and then you realize how far the image goes back.
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