Design Principle: Balance

This piece is symmetrically balanced as there are 3 figures on each side of the photo.
This painting is asymmetric because the negative space and brighter lighting on the left side draw the attention to the left, creating an imbalance.
This Brooch has radial balance because all designs are rung around the central focus point (the jewel).
The figurines that are mirror images of each other make this piece symmetrical.
This piece is asymmetrical because although there are two men in the foreground, the man on the left is more prominent.
This painting is balanced symmetrically because there are two figures on both sides of the center (the smoke).  And since the horses are larger than the men, the larger pond on the left side balance out that size difference.
This piece is slightly asymmetrical because the tree on the left side is more grand, prominent, and well lit compared to the stump on the right side.
With the palm trees on the right side and the mountain peak on the left, the piece is created to be symmetrically balanced. 
This piece is asymmetric, because even though there is a person on each side of the painting, the lighting is much brighter on the left drawing in the attention of the reader.
The photograph of this table is perfectly centered on this symmetrically crafted table creating a likewise, symmetrical piece of art.
Credits: All media
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