Element of Art Gallery: Color

This photo is an example of Primary Tradic because the most common colors and all the colors are mostly primary tradics.The blue is the sea. The red and yellow are used in the sky and the bridge.
This photo is an example of Secondary Triadic because most of the colors are secondary colors.Most dominant color is green which is a secondary color,there are also many orange colors,same with purple
This is an example of tertiary triadic because it has all the colors of the tertiary triadic.It uses a goldish yellow for the whole castle.The grassland is green.There is purple on some of the people.
This picture is a perfect example of tetradic. The red is used in some of the peoples clothing same with the purple. The blue is used in the water and the green is used in the grass and trees.
This picture is an example of analogous colors because the crops that the people are harvesting are are different shades of yellow same with the dirt.
This is an example of complementary colors because it goes from red to green. There is a yellow color aswell. There is also blue and orange colors so this picture is a good example of complementary.
This is an example of split complementary because the main color is orange and the split Complementary colors from it are blue and purple blue and those colors are demonstrated in this picture.
This picture is an example of warm colors because it contains warm colors. It has light colors which shows a warm mood too.
This is an example of cold colors because of the mood. The horse seems tired and there is snow on the ground and the trees have no leaves. It also has cold colors on the palette.
This photo is an example of monochromatic because it uses one color which is blue. It uses different shades and mixes of it.
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