My Kind of Art 

I chose this piece of artwork because of how serene it is. Personally, it reminds me of Auguste Rodin's The Kiss because of how they embrace, it has an overwhelming sense that they love each other. Another reason I chose this painting is because it reminds me of the Little Mermaid and how she saved the man she loved. But, this particular Howard Pyle painting is actually incomplete and the true meaning behind it is not known. This is painted on canvas with oil paint.
This is a sculpture of Saint Anthony of Pauda, and was created by Alejo de Vahia in Spian around 1515. This sculpture would be representational art because it takes a human form and represents a certain group of people. It could also represent iconography because this is showing a saint. I chose this because of its religious background. This piece is also interesting because of all the little intricate details. If you zoom it in you can see all the little dots and shapes painted onto his rope and even text in the book he is holding.
I chose this piece because I think this makes a pretty cool work of art. It is an interactive sculptor that prints copies of the Constitution on a receipt. They used a ticket printer and a roll of printer paper. This piece of art could definitely be considered abstract in a way because it has an abstract concept. Again, the concept could be different based on each person opinions. Personally, this could mean not enough people look at the Constitution just like they don't at their receipts unless they need something from them.
I really enjoyed this piece because I love flowers but I also enjoy how Juan de Arellano used light and shadows to create this realistic painting of these flowers. I also think that it represents elegance and extravagance during the 17th century. What also made this more fascinating is the fact that Arellano purposefully painted flowers that never were available in the same season. Arellano accomplished this with oil paints.
This was created my Jaume Morera Galicia in Madrid with oil paints on a canvas. I chose this piece because at first glance it looked like waves breaking on the shore but it is actually of the Guadarrama Cabeza Hierro mountains covered in snow. I see this as abstract because it is hard to see that these are mountains it also shows how chaotic the mountains can be during the winter.
I chose this because even though it was made in the 70s its meaning can still be translated to this day. I also chose this because the medium is unique for something like this.This originates from America during the Black Panther Movement and was used for calling a meeting. I have also tried to make a lithograph and they are very hard to get perfect, so I found this one even more interesting because of how well executed it is.
This painting is of the ocean during the storm. I picked this painting because it shows something so violent and deadly but it does it in a peaceful way. The colors and how it is painted is very serene. This is from 1960 and because it is from the Rockefeller National Parks I'm assuming that the origin of this piece is the North East along the coast. This was also created on a canvas with either oil or acrylic paint.
I also picked this because I enjoy the spiritual meaning behind this. This is another example of iconography because of its religious meaning but also its representation of what people believe in. I also picked this because of the detail that is put into the sculptor. This sculptor also originated from India.
This is one of my favorites because I have always enjoyed Greek artwork and sculptors. It amazes me how much detail and time goes into creating these statues. I also enjoy these because they have a story behind them, this one is no exception. The story behind this one is of Prokne. Prokne is getting ready to kill her young son Itys to get back at her husband for shaming her sister. This sculptor was made from marble and its height is 1620m.
I chose this because it looks like a photograph and this is one of the only ones I found that I enjoyed. The black and white gives it an eerie feeling to the empty classroom. I think this picture does not fit into a specific category because it depends on the viewer's outlook. It could represent that people are not educating themselves or it could just be a black and white picture of a classroom.
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