visa 1Q98 Module 10 - Peace & Serenity 

I specifically put these images together as they all generated a sense of relaxation - a favourite hobby of mine. I like to relax in places that let my body and mind feel free of stress. All these images shared a common theme - nature. The first image I choose is a water painting done by John Singer Sargent in 1910 called Villa di Marlia, Lucca: A Fountain.  It is a beautiful painting of two elegant stone fountains in a courtyard that is surrounded by greenery. The painter used the water colour painting technique to give the image a sense of blur in order to let the mind relax in the scenery relating to the concept representation in module two.

The second image I choose is by Roy de Maistre called Woman with parasol at Palm Beach done in 1927. It is a painting of a woman dressed in a peach garment with bright orange accents on it that generates a liveliness. The woman is sitting on a tanning chair resting her back on a big fluffy pillow – another indication that the woman is relaxing. She is holding up an umbrella to the sun to protect her skin from the UV rays of the bright sun that seems to be shining. She seems to be by herself relaxing during the daytime suggesting that her significant other is out working. This is also a reference to the role of women in society at the time the photo was painted. Thus, it relates to a course concept learned in module eight called consumer society in the 19th and early 20th century.

The third image I choose is Garden at Arles by Vincent van Gogh completed in July of 1888. This painting is of a beautiful impression of relaxation time. Here Vincent van Gogh used vivid colours and contrasts to resonate a sense of happiness and peace. Throughout the garden seems to be a pathway for walking and that path slowly vanishes the further you look into the painting. It creates a sense of time as the path appears to be long, which in turn creates realism. This relates to a course concept called linear perspective.  The fourth image I choose is called A Sunday on La Grande Jatte done by Georges Seurat and completed in 1886. Georges Seurat depicted people relaxing on a hill by the river. Everyone in this painting seems to be focusing his or her gaze on the body of water, opposite of the viewer. The artist is trying to focus the attention of the viewer by using a course concept called “the gaze” from module four. Here he used the technique called Pointillism, which was an innovative and unique approach to Impressionistic art at the time. When viewing the image, you can really feel the people in the painting relaxing.

The last image I choose is by Francesc Miralles i Galaup called Boating completed in 1890. It is a painting of a group of women relaxing by a river while another group is relaxing in the boats on the river. The artist was displaying realism by adding great detail in the faces and skin tones. The artist also created the mood that was associated in the image by using softer colours. This image relates to the course theme realism    

Credits: All media
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