My Addiction - (Vincent Carr)

This gallery includes pictures depicting Christianity and the characters of it. 

In the beginning God created it all. The buffalo is an amazing creature and nature is an amazing place. This image has a three dimensional feel, and captures your attention quickly.
I have always found this painting fascinating. The colors give it a sense of mystery but a soft feel also. This is who I believe Christ was.
This picture has the effect of Christ looking up to his father and praying to him. Has the feel of Christ praying to His father for help.
This picture depicts Christ on the cross, and the dark colors help add to the effect of the day and the sorrow that was felt by many, including Christ.
The ocean has always reminded me of the power of God, but then I begin to think about how far back history goes. Its amazing to think how old history truly is.
This simple painting is a depiction of what some perceive Christ to look like. This image on his face is very serious, almost like he is talking to His father.
This picture is powerful. I love the colors and how the artist shows real emotion in the eyes of those surrounding Christ's body.
I love this sketch. The details given to the things that we normally do not pay attention are evident. From the person on the bottom left, to the rob, the simple detail is awesome.
I love the colors used in this picture. The blue sky and big clouds have a heavenly quality to them.
This image is very simple, but it speaks volumes. In the Christian faith, we always talk about God opening doors. This picture has a rough texture to it.
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