project logan

For the past three years I have been given the task to run a permission wall for Graffiti Artist to do productions. My goal is to showcase the art that has been growing for the past 30 years in Chicago. The wall sits next to the blue line between the Logan Square stop and the California Stop. There is a mural there created by the children of the neighborhood and the other artist in Logan Square. I have worked with Any Square artist and have been working with my friend Tracy to maintain ladders for artist to paint the wall. In 2011 we removed 82 beer bottles 8 drug needles and 10 bags of garbages. The second year we removed 50 bottles of beer no needles and 7 bags of garbage. This was done by my family and my friends along side with other artist. The pictures are all here and everything has been documented. People have helped because they believe in the art and were its going. Yesterday it was only 20 bottles most of them water bottles and gatorade. There has been countless artist who have collaborated and created positive images. It is not up to baby the artist on the wall. You will always be given the chance to come back as many times as you need to clean it. But i will not always be there. From here on end I have a list of the Project that people want to do and I have a calender to show how long these productions will stay up. Nothing last for ever espically in Chicago. One day they can come and say its over. And that is why now I will do my best to keep it rotating. 

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