Themed around the dark subject of death or the color black. 

This one is included because of the three skeleton gardeners.
Part of this gallery because of the heavy amounts of black.
This piece is here, obviously, because of the skeleton.
This truck is dumping what looks like chairs. From afar it looks like bones, however. Regardless, either way, gives an uneasy feeling.
Love this art style. The creepier the better. Pretty clear why this is included.
Again. Same artist as before. Love the exposed muscles and odd anatomy. Fits well into "eerie."
Simple, yet I still love it. Skull made out of what I believe is cacti.
"Resentful Skeletons." Awesome name for an awesome piece. Nothing but skulls. Love it.
Called "Branch," yet looks oddly like a severed hand chained to a glass it can't quite get itself into. Full of oddity to fit nicely in this collection.
One of my favorites in this collection. Not only that, but it fits this category in many different ways. Skeleton with a completely black background while smoking a cancer stick. Perfect.
The fact this one was made that long ago makes it that much cooler to me. You have to imagine people back then thought that the artist was extremely insane for painting this.
Angel of Death. No other words needed.
I don't think I need to explain why I chose this one to go into this gallery.
Last but not least. "Death and Life." This one, along with pleasing to look at, tells a story in a way. Death, on the left, is watching the people on the right who are living.....and waiting for them.
Credits: All media
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