stone walls and boats 

Most of the painting i have chosen haves really good scenry

this painting has a really nice safe haven feel to it.
I really like how the town is far away and how the people is migrating to the towards it.
I like the structure of the towers in this painting
I like the busyness of the harbor.
I chosen next two paintings that they look very similar and how the weather changes up the painting 
I like this painting here because of all the boats and how they look like they're getting ready for war.
In this painting i like how it shows the daily life of the people in the town.
I love the architecture in this painting and the shading from the sun setting.
I like the color of the fire and how it draws you into the painting
I like how the gun powder shows in this painting.
I like how they show he castle on the highest ridge. It symbolizes power and nobility.
I like hot the dark colors in this painting really shows despair and how there is a glimmer of hope from the light shinning onto the water for the sailors.
I love the scenery in this painting and how all of your focus is towards the town.
I love the scenery in this picture and how the landscape fades as it draws further away.
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