a white outline surrounds the human and alligator, gives their shapes a more defined look.
implied lines where the wholeness and shape of the tree and its' leaves comes from.
line personalities bring out a cloudy, uncertain, or even a gloomy feel to the image.
implied lines imply the body of the surgeon as well as the patient in the room.
abstract lines bring out a personal perspective as to what is being depicted.
contour lines around the trees and smoke give a pleasant and smooth appearance to the picture.
implied lines show the horizon and moonlit sky in the far distance.
contour lines around the trees and clouds give them a more life like feel, and also act as a nice accent to the picture as a whole.
the stem of the eucalypti plant as an individual line brings out the size importance of the caterpillar.
edges that break up the circles separate the color diversity, also suggests lines where sections of the circle changes color.
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