Raul Henriquez: MYTHS, MEN, & LEGENDS Gallery

This gallery features mythological Greek gods and iconic figures in movements that we all know and grew up on in detailed artwork. From statues to painting and bust, here you find from the famous Zeus king of the Greek gods to Hades lord of the underworld.  Including few other creatures.

This is an oil painting of a decapitated head of Medusa. It’s a detailed artwork showing her surprised face of being decapitated and using chiaroscuro giving it more detail of her expression.
A Stone statue of Apollo the Greek sun god he is known to give inspiration to people. This statue looks like a contrapposto as he is putting weight on one foot then the other.
Statue of Jupiter also known as Zeus king of the gods is holding on his right hand his thunderbolts as if he was going to smite someone or something.
A halve naked Hercules wearing only the fur of the nemian lion that was part of his twelve labors is fighting a hydra.
Hercules on his first out of twelve labors is strangling the Nemean lion that is believed that his fur was so tough not even the sharpest blade can cut or pierce thru.
Athena known to be the goddess of wisdom and justice. this bust is not in perfect condition but she has her helmet on top of her head as always being ready for battle and strategies her victory.
Perseus a demigod son of Zeus is know to be one of the first heroes that was set out. This statue shows him defeating medusa as he towers over her with his winged feet ready to slay her.
A stone illustration of a Centaur catching a deer in a grassy plain or forest. It doesn't show much of the body but has the Egyptian artwork of being 1/2 sided not showing the full body detail.
Mars known by Ares the God of War is always for battle and he's armored from head to toe and holding on to his sword as if he was going to unsheathe it from its scabbard.
Pluto a Greek God known as Hades lord of the underworld is abducting. Proserpine as her mode lays on the ground reaching her arm out to get her away from him as Proserpine struggles to get away.
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