Lines in artwork

The lines in the painting are all similar shades and colors so the main object doesn't stand out very much.
The lines in this picture are sloppy and dark, the artist was probably depressed when drawing this.
The lines in the foreground are thick and dark, the lines in the background are thin and light.
The lines are abstract and go in one direction.
The lines go off of the main object and are mainly vertical
The lines in this painting are very thick and they intertwine and overlap each other.
These lines are both thick and thin. They go vertical, horizontal, diagonal, and even circular.
The lines in this painting are mostly vertical and overlapping.
These lines are mainly diagonal and cross over each other, also are very thick, giving the picture a dark look.
The lines in the painting are scribbly and go off the main subject. They are diagonal and mostly thick.
Credits: All media
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