A classical view to music in art

In this gallery we are going to travel to the classical period (1730-1820) one of the most important and influential ages in music history. Many of the musical instruments and arrangements made in this era are still very relevant to this day. We are going to go over instruments as well as popular music artists for the time period. 

The glass harmonica was a very popular piece that reproduced a type of sound like any other. The way this instrument resonates is by friction between multiple elements and glass. In this picture we can see several glass disks that can spin and reproduce different pitches depending of the size. The larger the disk the lower the note.
The Koto is one of the most popular Japanese string instruments that has been used in multiple types of orchestras. It consists of a large wooden piece with 16 strings. In this picture we can see a beautiful carving at the bottom of the instruments representing a Japanese garden, which is very characteristic from this culture.
The romantic guitar is one of the earlier forms of the acoustic guitar that we know to this day. Guitars in this era were highly modified aesthetically and this led to a great library of beautiful stylized and unique pieces that were very appealing visually. In this picture we can see that it has the similar shape, form and number of strings to a modern acoustic guitar, yet it also includes decorations such as the little circle and the smile-shaped bridge.
In this picture we can see a very unique representation of a piano merged with a harp, which were the two most popular instruments in this time period. On the sides and top of the piano it includes very appealing carvings that made this instrument another beautiful piece of art.
The pyramidal piano is a representation of one of the many early forms of the piano that we know to this day. In this pyramidal form the soundboard was placed upwards. This was often an opportunity to place sculptures and different paintings which made this piano unique and very interesting looking.
The violin is one of the most historic instruments that has been used and modified in several different ages. Even though the instrument has gone through several periods, the design has always been very similar to each other. In this picture we can see a very early representation of the violin, which looks identical to the version that we have to this day.
The name of this painting says “Sainte Cécile”, which was a very popular event in France where they would celebrate music and musicians. This painting is a contribution to the event and it shows a girl playing very passionately the violin, which was one of the most popular classical instruments.
The pedal piano is another one of the early representations of piano to this day. In this photo we can see the classic shape of a modern piano yet it has big keys that could be triggered by stepping on them. These types of pedals were later adopted in church pipe organs where it is now very common to see.
“The music lesson” is a beautiful painting that shows the process of music lessons in the 1700’s. We can see an instructor holding a book with a music score and pointing out to his student what to play. It is safe to consider that playing and learning an instrument back then was a very expensive investment that only few people could afford.
Just like violins, the harp has not changed much in design considering it is a very historic instrument. In this picture we can see a representation of a harp in the 1800’s being very similar to harps today. It is also noticeable the carvings, shapes and colors in this instrument that gives a Middle Eastern vibe.
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