Shades of Nature

Shades of Nature is a gallery intended to show the different moods, color, look/feel, etc of the great outdoors. Nature can be seen in many different ways depending where it is, the lighting, time of day and more. This gallery will also depict the different emotions that can be seen in nature. Each art work includes what the type of meaning it has rather than what is being seen.

The nature depicted in here is a normal day. People carrying on with their daily lives. Peaceful, with some bright color. A happy emotion can be put with this.
A more orange, more relaxed feel as the sun is setting. A time to start winding down after a day full of things happening. Decline of the day and time for finishing up work.
Nature in its original form. Nothing going on other than the water calmly hitting the beach side with sun starting to set. A more natural feel without modification. Proud in itself beauty.
A time of rest, or time of darkness depending on how to look at it. A beautiful night or a deadly place to be in. Fear or rest can be used to depict this.
A winter wonderland. White fill the land. It is a time of new beginnings, a place to prepare for new growth. Or on the flip side a place of death. The land has died and became dangerous.
A dark but adventurous journey awaits those who seek it in this image. The path that lies within is covered with obstacles but has a great rewards waiting to be uncovered. Dread, adventure.
Aggressive, loud, and with constant movement, the waves never end during a storm. Waves can represent the anger going around or the uneasiness that comes with a hard time. Uneasy, anger, upset.
A calm and peaceful field. Bright color is happiness with smooth rolling hills. No stress is seen and it can be considered an exile place to get away from the rest of the world.
A day of work. Nature stands by the man made structure as a symbol of a hard days work. Ships are docked as people finish up work just as the day finishes.
Another sunset/rise. Calm before the storm some would see. Others might see a time of awe and beauty after the day. This to me is natures way of saying it's time for family and hanging out by a fire.
Credits: All media
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