Isolation from the Other

STEM English final fall 2015. This gallery aims to convey my idea of the other. The other is a group or person who you are separated from and there for can not understand. Exploring this idea led to a better understanding and visual representation of the beliefs, visible traits and cultural differences that separate people from each other.

Casa Del Trabajador shows how the other is separated from the workers who are putting their body and heart into growing the crops. It makes a statement about the need for understanding.
This picture was not painted with the intended representation of the other. I feel it shows the isolation that can be felt. The butterfly would be the different viewpoints each person holds.
The caption of this gallery described the separation of Chinese from other cultures because of its distinct cultural history and unique rapid expansion. This shows the separated felling from the other
This is a picture of a clothing company dedicated to preserving Chinese culture. I included this as an example of visual separation from the other through style
War is an example of fighting the other because the two sides can not see eye to eye.
Each person in this painting is separated by visible boundaries in addition to the separation due to circumstance causing everyone else to feel like the other.
This picture shows the other because the person consumed by technology can not fully understand the other who is a representation of culture from previous generations.
This is an example of who I am an other to. To me, this is a strange but the people who are a part of it it is a beautiful representation of their cultural values.
This depicts a segregated classroom which is a primary example of the feeling of the other between whites and blacks in 1950
This depicts a distinct culture which creates a feeling of the other between them and other cultures,
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