The Use Of Color

I chose these pieces, because of the artist's use of color. Many of these artworks contain vibrant colors, and are very unique.

I chose this piece, because the artist created a piece that uses the color blue very well. I also found it fascinating how perspective was used in the piece as well.
I chose this piece, because of the way the artist used the color blue. I really enjoyed how the use different shades of blue
Not only did I choose this piece because of the color scheme, but of how the use of light blue was used to highlight where light was shown. 
The color and texture in this piece is fantastic. I really liked how the artist used the color scheme in creating texture for the clothing.
The use of texture, and color is why I chose this painting. I really like how the artist visualized the Autumn season. 
This painting is beautiful, and I really fell in love with how the artist painted the water. His use in colors really captured the light on the water, and the light in the sky. 
I've always found oil paintings to have a particular way color is represented. The smeared/mixed look of the colors really make this piece unique (not that smeared/mixed is a bad thing).
Im not too sure what the artist was trying to convey with this piece, but I still enjoy the pattern of strokes that he created. This artwork reminds me of a puddle of water, because of the overlapping lines of blue used. 
This piece incorporates a lot of texture, and the texture alone makes the color pop out of the piece. I've always had a soft side for any piece thats abstract.
The color in this piece radiates which is why I chose the piece. The use of warm colors in this piece gives off light.
I really like this piece, because of the glow that the artist created. The use of dark colors almost glows behind the light, and creates a feel of different layers.
The color in this piece makes this resemble a photograph. The color is so vibrant that the painting looks too real. Its strange to think this is even possible. 
The color in this painting makes the water seem too real, and touchable. 
White might not be consider an actual color, but the way that the artist created the texture of the snow is interesting. You can see the imprints from people walking on the snow which gives the snow depth.
I believe this to be pastel, but I'm not too certain. The contradiction of the color red and blue makes the piece pop.
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