the neutral colors are well used and the white path really does lead you're eyes through the entire artwork.
the tones and tints in the artwork makes everything pop but look well.
the snake is the emphasis and it leads you around it
you can still see the line marks but it looks great! the tones match great with the vibrant fruit and the rat's tail leads your eyes around him.
the isn't really an emphasis but the are visable patterns going around the white areas.
line variations, highlights, and tone colours help with finding the picture.
the stairways lead you throughout the drawing.
a simple vase but with varying lines and patterns. there are also tints of blue.
mainly using primary colours to how where everything is around the bowl.
the boy's face and the other boy's eyes point toward the sign which makes the story of the painting easy to know. the boy with clothes in his arms is the emphasis because he overlaps everyone else.
linear perspective helps make the houses go on forever along with the river. looks like mostly tints
another linear perspective piece makes you feel like you are ready for a stroll. the trees on the left get smaller as they go farther into the art to give it the sense of depth.
the black backround helps emphasize what is going on towards the center of the piece.
the rake the man is holding leads you to the sad girl which then leads your eyes to the fire. the white clothes help the people stand out the the neutral coloured decay of the city.
so simple but linear perspective help make it look complicated. the colours are soft and washed out but helps you see this so easily.
dim backround helps emphasize the little white sub-human. the black mixed in with white makes it belong where it was and not just look like it was placed there.
so much detail in this picture! the artist really makes the people the emphasis due the the dim backround.
expressive lines really do put the mood in drawings like this one.
the different shades and tones in this artwork make it feel like im in the art. the different paths lead you throughout the picture.
i wonder what the emphasis in this picture is? haha. the simplicity of this art works with it and keeps it random at the same time.
perspective is used by making objects in the distance smaller than they are in the front. the dirt roads leads you down the greatly contrasted city and this helps make the city pop out
same picture but different effects. the sephia one opposes where the black and white are from the other drawing. linear perspective creates depth into the city with the road getting smaller along with the buildings
a simple drawing but perspective makes it look realistic. the bed, chair, and frames get smaller.
one of my favorites. the cool colours just makes it seem so relaxing and the way the lines were created gives it a sense of motion.
no rule of thirds but the main focus of the painting is the light coloured man against the shaded backround and along with his floral crown
the mountains in the back shows the purpose of the distance that was intended. the huge trees are the emphasis
the placement and size of the objects out of the door explains the distance and the porch was intended for you to feel like you were in the painting.
the light colours emphasize the chubby girl because of the contrasting colours in the back
neutral and toned primary colours used with organic shapes. expressive lines give this abstract a messy but organized outcome
placement of the rocks makes the viewpoint of the water high. the different shades in the water give it that swoosh feel to them.
purposely unfinished but the the tints of each colour help create a sense of value.
very clean line variations the help distinguish the dissolvent the the middle. the bubbles and splash helps you find it
stilppiling is used to create shading and create a similar texture look of an octopus.
the fat man is the emphasis due so his huge size and position in the piece. his thin stick leads you to auditorium then to the statue.
expressive lines used and the fish is a completely different colour and makes it stand out against everything
the gate leads you to the people and beyond that to make the piece look interesting. the people stand out against the backround because of their light and dark coloured clothes.
the neutral colours on the land make the water easy to recognize. the rocks at the side of the lake lead your eyes through the piece.
many shading techniques being used. the black backround emphasizes the woman in red.
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