Crystal Schelmety - Modern Fear

It never ceases to amaze me how the mainstream media is able to idolize and sex-up the body of a woman but shame and blame her if ever she bares all.  This small gallery is a collection of art that can be centered around something so organic, so simple, so natural to this world, so common yet so coveted, that it has become a shocking, blasphemous, "secret" thing that should be hidden at all times.  How is it that society can emphasize the curves a woman yet dam her when she is comfortable enough to bare her skin in its entirety?  How are human organs offensive?  This gallery is an "exploit" to some and simply human portraits to others.  I wanted to look at the change from the body simply being a body to the sexual objects that are the woman's "naughty bits" which define her.

To start, ponder this 1504 painting of Adam and Eve. They had no reason to be ashamed of their bodies or nakedness, as they did not see it as "evil". Art reflected this self-content.
Conservative ideals made it socially unacceptable for a woman to be proud to bear her body or show sexual confidence. A painting like this was offensive, as she makes eye contact in sheer clothing.
Women and their bodies are put on pedestals, told to be pretty, to please the eye but not be openly confident in their bodies. They should not 'show off', but quietly sit as ornaments.
Breasts are "dirty" things, meant to be hidden, even though they're just body; meat, skin, living cells attached to a human being. Media wants sexy, society wants pure; a hot woman in a (white) gown.
Women who accept themselves and aren't afraid to show it are labeled as scandalous, "loose", rebellious. Girls are taught their right to say no to sex. Why not our right to say yes, too? We are human.
Oh no! A butt! So what? Detach yourself from the sexualized object and try to realize it as only a bubble of fat, a portable seat cushion. It is lovely, the roundness, but it's still part of a person.
Social sexualization makes a naked body something to be coveted in private. One must stop and realize that every person in public is just a body, like all others, draped in colored cloths.
A woman's body has become a desired thing. A THING, a toy, an ornament. Dress it up in hopes of someone wanting to undress it.
Even so, sexual desire is natural. People panic in conservative society when confronted with visuals that invoke "dirty thoughts". It is not sin to want, it is natural pleasure. Reproduction. Love.
Sex sells. Fine bodies sell. Objectification supports both. A woman's own self-confidence and sexual desire are left out of the equation more often than not. Breasts, butt, and "naughty bits" ARE her.
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