Difficult but mesmerizing

The theme I went with in this exhibition follows a series of color and complex painting that are difficult to explain in one shot. You might have an on site opinion but it will go beyond comprehension and you will question the bizarre or neutral activity. 

This is the first piece that caught my attention, simply because of the color red that is predominate in this painting. The attention he is giving the turtles, the title it self tells us the story.
This piece here immediately grabbed my attention, The reddish tone it has towards a activity that is realistically seen normal in a bright day, took a morbid looking turn.
Vision of death, It is clear, but by looking deeper into the picture It seems that the child in red is foreseeing the death of maybe her family before the act of death. Rather than just being a vision
This pieces spikes curiosity, especially on the focal point in the mid-center. The people who are sitting in the outside seems to be staring right at the painter or viewer from a distance.
How the colors were used in this pictures really caught my eye. Chang Hong has a really interesting form of expression and I really enjoy the story behind this painting.
I absolutely adore this painting, I wish I had a print for this, because how the colors were placed and the time period it's based off. The Roaring 20s has a big influence in me fashion wise.
The colors in motion in this painting has good value. How the palette was used interested me as well, I see a story of separation. Light and Dark. Ying Yang.
There is a lot of action going on in this piece. I like how Lettl used his palette in this painting, the emphasis towards the people jumping of the bridge, which I assume is towards a goal or mission.
Dark. Despite the belief in this painting, the color palette is soft and comforting, I can feel the comfort that the woman feel for their god.
Abstract yet interesting, I see a division of personally, Adult vs Childhood. Such a bright a colorful way to express this from the bottom of the canvas to the top that turns dark and less fun.
This painting cannot get any darker. The bright and strong colors used here cover up what those smiley pills really do, and what they are covering up.
I love this set of painting and this is one of my favorite ones, Lettl demonstrates a series of different ways to see a rooster. The color pink of the items leads to the interpretation of the rooster.
In a time like the 20s, pink was a color often related to women, and seeing this school boy with the soft colors and use of the color pic brings out the innocence of this child.
The values and emphasis in this painting give the exact feeling that the title explains. A celebration for the dead. What I like about this color wise, is the contrast between the people and the sky.
This whole painting screams stability to me, vertical lines are repeated throughout the entire piece. The colors gives you the feeling that our inside a building. It feels like it is glass.
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