Review of elements of art and design

I have neither given nor received unauthorized aid on this work.-Berenice Espitia

This painting is made up of mostly lines,there are some continuous lines for example in the top background they use the same line to make the top of the chair and sunshine ray. It has some geometric shapes and organic shapes. It has some form the mug and has a three-dimensional form and so does the jar and biscuits. It has lots of positive space because the artist drew big and made sure take most of the space up. The colors are red, white, yellow, green and blue mostly it sort of has a morning look sort of bright like when you are outside eating early.
This painting has vertical lines in the flower stem and chair. The shapes are mostly geometric because of the fruit and flower vase. The flower and the leaf are organic shapes. The flower vase, fruit bowl and some fruit have a 3-D form. The texture seems a bit rough on the flower because of the stem, the fruit seems smooth and also the table. It has positive space because most of the stuff was drawn big and take up the space. The colors are red, white, pink, green, orange, brown, light blue, and yellow. The picture is a bit bright like if sunlight is coming through a window in a breakfast room. The colors give in a vibrant look not to bright or dull.
This painting has vertical lines when drawing the stems of the flowers and also on the flower pot. The pot is a geometric shape and the flower and leaf are organic shapes. The flower pot has a 3-D form and the texture is smooth because of the flowers and pots. The colors are red, brown,green, dark yellow, and gray-blue. The picture looks a bit dull because its not really cheery because of the color it has.
This painting has a small bit of implied line on the yellow flower because they line doesn't really touch the yellow flower like it does on the dark redish one. The flowers stem is a vertical line for both of them and also the white vase lines. The vase has three-dimensionality and has negative space. The colors are dark navy blue, white, a dark yellow, dark red, forest green, and brown. These colors give the painting a sort of dull look, not even the yellow makes it look cheery.
This painting has some vertical lines and also horizontal lines. The table, vegetables, basket, wall and door are geometric shapes. The basket has form because its 3-D. It has positive space because the artist painted big like the basket and table. The colors are red, yellow-orange, white, brown, blue, green and a beige. It gives the painting a bright look because of the red and yellow.
Credits: All media
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