This is the artwork that pic to specifically display color and all of its glory. 

Van gogh poppy fields display a lush rich assortment of paint that really drives for the definition of color the way that he just laughs paint to create this vision from far away are up close you can really tell that he wanted you to feel his vision
I like the great use of the red stuff in this picture it gives you an uneasy feeling and kinda is meant to unsettle the viewer.
Reds in this one a great and vibrant and give you the illusion of speed.
I like the way that this one creates the illusion of dept and like a diamond shape it was a great use of perspective in the fridge really make this painting pop out just as when I picked it.
For some reason this kind of reminds me of musical artist named Gotye in like the album art that he uses. The dark and light purple on white really stand out and I like this how simplified it is.
The stairs remind me of a dirty grimy hallway I'm not sure if it's painted or not but I believe that it is painted they did a great browns and grays and dark shades to in it.
Somehow with this photography I get the illusion of passion and it even though its just white and black . Just to see this woman's lips pressed up against something you get the feeling that the photographer wanted you so feel like you're in the middle of something romantic I guess.
I like the cool tones this in this painting at the dark tones really bring it out for being more so unsettling I'm not quite sure what does the title of this painting means returning to the fair I guess is a family going to go there but they all look kind of undead so I'm not quite sure how to feel but the cool colors really bring it out.
I really like this one because it looks like a plate are a symbol of something really special something you would put on your wall are you feeling the colors are kind of opaque and see through like water colour and it really gives you like a calm but yet royal feeling.
I'm not sure whether this photo was very creative cuz all they did was invert the colors but at the same time you have a really bright day in vain when you invert it looks like something that's a little bit more sinister so thats why its that out to me.
I love the perspective in this one with the use of lighter and darker colors to really give you the sense of what time of day it is and what perspective the artist was painting from.
We all know this painting from Ferris Bueller's Day Off I really wish I could go to the Art Institute of Chicago to see you in person but Google does a good job of showing the painting how it should look home but again this was another one mainly with perspective but I like how the the day in question was represented and almost as describes a good day in like every single feeling for that time in the light green really set it off like the SUN does being down when these people in the shadows a perfect even has a hint of reflection.
This is almost my favorite painting of all time even when I didn't know who Vincent van Gogh was I knew what this painting was when I have I never really get my own place I would like to get a replica of this but will probably never do it justice the hues of the slabs of paint the wind we create that moved in that fool around like it leaves you all around the painting just was looking at the sky seen in the stars in the kind of unsettling big tree that's right there but other than that is it it just gives you a little more relaxed flowing feeling kinda like if you have the same painting on the water 120 Lake in it kind of gives us a magical feeling just just sitting and looking at it like I would let want to hang this up in a hallway or not most of them cuz I feel this we probably would creep me out but maybe in a living room maybe.
Another famous painting would be the scream iono stately didn't notice this many colors in it the first time I've seen it all the many versions that I've seen it over in movies and cartoons & I didn't I just didn't know how colorful was do girls like they are the s in the middle has a clean face and then there's like a flowing river on going along the bridge was like a very netherworld Lee feeling background like this is completely out there it's weird but weird in a good way. It definitely has a Halloween theme to it.
I like the use of Cubism in this painting and the blocky diamond like shapes is coming off from a distance was not really a distance but it feels like they're falling down and the cool colors really give you that sense or create that flow that you need for a painting like this is kind of like trying to fight the black background to do what they need to do and then this kind of all set with the contrast of the weird in orange or I believe Brown is in the bottom.
I love to dis know Japanese paintings and I definitely get to feel from this everything is Japanese somehow this relaxes me and like gives you a sense of tradition and culture and this one just feels like a tree in the sky that you looking down upon like a really far away trees at you looking at like mountains and everything in in clouds and a great that death especially that little mountain this one the right hand side but the clouds feel real I wouldn't even know how to go about the grey clouds it doesn't look like its getting ready to rain but is will coming and if they got the color to match exactly how I would look I actually kind of look more like smoke in the cloud.
I love how this picture has no hard edges and I believe this is Impressionism also like a form of it may be nothing abstract but it is wonderful how the earth was created and was able to get these shapes with just color alone even the definition of a hair is kind of fake tan way but it still looks detailed and it has like Waterdown colors they give it more of a dreary family but you can still tell that it's just a regular.. It feels more flowing to me.
This looks more like a Japanese portrait are like a map or just something in general showing the bridge I like how is on this old brown paper that gives it more age but then it has a more of a modern look the perspective is all often everything is painted the way it should be like I like the way that is more simple and it plays with space more and the colors are more directed towards you.
Well as you can see this one is a pool scene I just really like the reflections in the water the way yes but white in the blue coming off of each other makes it look more realistic but ass further actual people they have more of a cartoony feeling but they're not as defined as the rest of the background to the bath now looks so amazing.
I kinda can't believe this work was just from 1997 it looks like a digital art piece and it has layer upon layer of geometrical shape and is shaving really gives you that the way that they use gradients are complex and I don't even think I can do this today what the small the shapes overlaid on top of the bigger shapes and it gives it I feel like you're on top of a really tall stack and the way to use the Browns and the Reds and like the darker colors really stand out into the light.
The skyline piece really stood out to me it looks like a tree is like trying to grab an object even though it's just a pulled out the way that the light hit this tree like metal figure is amazing and it makes it really pop out and I love the way this art piece just looks but the use of the brown and the sky drop this in the back this kind of a really dark bluish black and I just like the way that this picture was tooken.