A gallery to show how love can be translated in many ways. -Cynthia Rivera

This is a beautifully made sculpture of a mother and child. The child seems to be reaching to his mother to feed from her. It shows the love and connection a mother and child have together.
This is a photograph of a couple performing a dance together. Dance is a great form of art and a way to express emotions such as love. The woman seems to cling to this powerful man as if she loves him.
I found this picture quite entertaining as it takes a typical street sign and adds a touch of humor. It shows a policeman in love with this sign and little hearts around his head.
This piece of art was eye catching to me. At first I saw two people in love kissing, but after reading the title I realized they weren't in love. Kissing with their eyes open was a hint to this idea.
A photograph of two people in love from the 60's. A woman drapes her arms caressingly over a man's shoulders as they stare each other in the eyes with warm, loving smiles.
I love this wonderfully captured photo of a duck that seems to be getting a piggy back ride from a sweet dog. These are two completely different species that seem to have a great bond together.
This artwork was amusing to me because it depicts a rather unattractive couple in different hues of red. The artwork seems juvenile but depicts a great story of people falling in love at first sight.
In this painting, there is a couple who are affectionately hugging one other, but they each are holding a knife behind the other's back. This is an interesting story to things that may happen in love.
A sculpture done by someone who apparently has a love for cactus! It's quite a unique piece of art. I like that there are several cactus together creating a complete feeling, almost like a family.
A beautifully done painting, from 1865, of a mother watching her child peacefully sleep. I chose it because it resembles baby Jesus sleeping in the manger as Mary lovingly watches over him.
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