WWI in the Trenches

 By Sam Brush

German soldiers gathered for a picture in their well constructed trench during WWI. Soldiers on both sides of the war spent much of their time digging and constructing their protective trenches.
In the trenches, soldiers built places to rest while they waited for their enemies to approach. German soldiers are pictured resting in their dugout during midday.
Soldiers in the trenches used spyglasses in order to spy on the activity of the opposition. In this picture, Canadian troops checked on German movement from the safety of their dugout.
German soldiers are protected behind their extremely well protected trench. Through haystacks, the soldiers fire at their enemies on the Belgian frontier.
A British soldier uses a telescope to spy on the opposition over the wall of the dugout.
With chaos ensuing above, Canadian troops hide in their trench preparing to face the enemy. The Canadians first fought against the Germans where they were subjected to the Germans first use of gas.
A view of abandoned Russian trenches in the Augustow Forest. Many trenches were left untouched for many years after the conclusion of the war because they were considered too dangerous.
A view from above the trenches, over the vast wasteland of war torn land in France. British troops pictured storming the German trench positions near La Boisselle in WWI.
Bomb scarred countryside near the front lines shows the long winding trenches dug out across the land. WWI battlefields were completely destroyed and unrecognizable to those who had once lived there.
The bodies of dead German soldiers lie at the bottom of their trenches. Many soldiers never made it out of the trenches.
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