~ not sure were to put this so i just left it here~           The exhibition I have chosen to create is about the sky. the reason why i chose sky to be my theme was because of the different colors and tones that I love. the different shades of blues, greens, yellows etc really bring out the different features of all of the different types of artwork's. All of the artworks i have chosen are very different to each other because they all have a different type of story happening. The different shapes in a few of the painting are trying to represent the different shapes of the clouds in the sky. A few of the photos in this gallery don't really have  a connection with each other but when you get to take a better look at the different artworks then you will understand why it is gatherd with the theme "sky".

The starry night is a very old painting. it has become very popular because of the way the artist as painted everything like little dots. also the bright tones of blue help to bring out more of the fetures of the artwork
Study of the sky artwork is a modern artwork. the colours give the whole artwork a different feeling. The techinques used to create the different types of tones in the artwork help give you another point of view of the artwork. there are alot of details.
Sea and Sky is another old painting. i personally love this painting because i love the different shades of pink, purple and blue. because of those colour's i love how the painting doesn't look so realistic.
Study of a Cloud Sky is also another very old painting. this painting is very different to the others because the coulours are much more dull and this creates a whole new different vibe. this is a very culteral painting.
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