Visual culture in my world 

I chose each of these images because this course added to the appreciation that I had for realism. All of these images were chosen because not only for the intricate detailing, but because they have hidden meanings and stories behind them, along with being lifelike.

   Each of these images relates to the course material as we learned about in module 2 and module 4. Some of these images contain icons like the wine and bread, which have the symbolic meaning of the body and blood of Christ. While others relate to the idea of realism in the sense that is it depicting something as the eye would see it. In each of the images the artist has created an illusion through the use of pigment, shadows and light to make these images seem lifelike and realistic. All of these factors in combination allow this portrait to feel life-like and real for the viewer, causing the viewer to believe that it is reflecting truth.

   The purpose of creating this type of art as defined by Sturken and Cartwright is:  “(It’s) function [is] to reflect truths about society and nature back to the subjects in the world (p. 149).” These works encompass the theme of reflexivity as the capture the experience of life.


These images all reflect everyday living. This image depicts three boys playing on the shore, one boy is holding a play sail boat in his hands, while the other is using a stick to move his in the water, each of the boys are watching the boat in the water. Due to the technique used by the artist with pigmentation and lighting, these boys appear to be realistic to the viewer causing the viewer to believe that it is reflecting truth.
This image depicts a boy that is starring off into the distance. The viewer is caused to wonder what the boy is looking at, why he has a squirrel on his desk, and what is the purpose of the gold chain that connects them. This photo looks realistic to the viewer due to the folds in the ruffling around the boy’s hand, the detailing, and the realistic way that the light reflects off the boy’s hair, body, and clothes. The artist through lighting and shadows again achieves realism.
This image depicts everyday life and the importance of knowledge and music. The artist was successful in making the image appear to be lifelike by making the music notes appear to be hanging off of the table as well as the candle holder leaning to the right. They also chose to include folds in the cloth, adding to the realism
This image is of a woman who is looking into the distance with a blank stare. She is using her right hand to support her head and has it rested on what appears to be a table. The lighting and shadowing along with the detailing of her attire allow her to appear lifelike to the viewer.
This image consists of a table with bread, fruit, wine and flowers. This image showcases everyday items however they all hold symbolic meaning. The bread and wine representations for Christianity and are symbols for the body and blood of christ. The fruit and flowers symbolizes the fleetingness of human life as it only lasts for a certain amount of time and eventually rots and/or dies.
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