Mason's Museum of Revolutionary War times art

     This is a gallery of lots of unique things that the people in the colonies used.  You can try to compare most of these to the values that we have today.  Such as lottery tickets, they will be looking much different from what we have today. 

A Dutch bayonet is a weapon that is like a sword and knife.There are lots of bayonets. This couldn't kill people, but it would hurt really bad. It was used the most in the French and Indian War. It had a stamp of the colonies to show they were on the colonial army team. Today, bayonets are not used. They were too sharp and hurtful, so they are forbidden. We like to look at them nowadays for a reason. It is because they were allowed only then.
This is a 20 dollar bill from the colonial times. Compare it to a 20 dollar bill that is in your pocket. They are very different from each other. This is the money that they would use in their times. The money was used made in the 13 colonies, and Vermont. Colonial dollars had the date and would spell out twenty instead of 20 in the corners. It also needed the year that it was made in like the ones that you have. This is valued today for a big reason.
Currency is the paper money made in 1690-1774. Currency is also another way of saying money or cash. Crops were also used as currency in some places. "Cash Crops" was where if you gave a farmer resources, such as cotton, he would pay you. It is like a bill to us. We value this because it is different from a bill that we get paid.
It is a handmade doll from fabric. It would give the girls something to be entertained with and to play with. "Rag Doll" means a doll made from fabric. To make one you need fabric for most of it, string and yarn for the hair, and paint to paint the face. It also was taken wherever the child went because it would keep them safe.It is valued today because you compare it to the stuffed animals you have.
COLONIAL MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS The aeolian harp is an instrument that is a wind harp. A cigar box fiddle is a fiddle that is made from all easy materials. The harp, you set by a window and just let the breeze make the music, so that you can enjoy it. A cigar box fiddle you just need strings, and cigar box. You have to play the fiddle on this one. The harp is valued because it was a way of listening to music without having to do anything. The fiddle is valued because it was made from all easy materials instead of complicated ones.
It is someone's ticket with the number, name, an date. You needed your name, number, and year or date on it. If it didn't, it could not be an approved ticket. They were also used for winning money like we do. It is valued because it used to be a document and it is was first made as a lottery ticket when King George the first was the King.
A silver pot in the colonies. It was the first used resource there. Mining was part of this. That was in the process if you wanted to get silver. Although, you would earn paper money when working. It was used as money too like currency and paper money. To get this you would have to mine for it. The silver is valued today because they made other tools out of it like this pot.
This is a political cartoon of the stamp act. There is also one of a snake by Benjamin Franklin. It is called join or die. It was a snake coming back to life if it was put together by sunset. They were used to make fun of people and poke them around. There was no TV, so it was put in a newspaper. To make one, you would have to make a newspaper and put your opinion. That is why they put the freedom of press. We look at them because they have multiple rolls. I would buy one to compare it to one on the TV today.
A pomander is a fruit or pouch to hold spices and sweet smells. This is a pouch one. The colonial people used this to hide bad smells and diseases. The ball will smell sweet if you put in cloves, then let it dry. You have to put cinnamon on it to make it smell good, once you do that, the pomander will smell sweet. The pouch would hold good smells like the ball. The spices would be in the pouch. This is valued because we use lots of different air affects to make our house smell nice. The sources were and
This is a colonial paper doll. You would dress the doll after cutting out the clothes and the doll. This would keep the girls entertained just like the rag dolls. You need scissors to cut the dolls, and paper to make the doll. It would be like the real dolls that we have today and put in dresses. The moms would use these because the girls would not learn how to fight like the men would. We value them because of the dolls that we have and we see how they would dress the old dolls.
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