The Use of Texture in Painting

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I chose this work by Arthur Hughes because the artist really shows the detail of texture through this painting.  Starting by the detail and accuracy of the plants and trees in the scenery, to the complexity shown in the young woman’s dress and scarf, almost creates a visual feel of the cloth.  
I selected this work by Antoine de Favray, since the texture is well represented in his painting. The artist attention to detail has effectively reproduced the texture of the objects. The Fur, pearls, dress and gold have been painted in with excellent detail.   
The reason why I chose this work by Anthony van Dyck is because of the wonderful representation of texture in this portrait. The artist illustrates the extravagant materials of the costume, the yellow curtain and the expensive lace by showing his emphasis and detail on the texture’s surface. 
I selected this work by Jan Gossaert because of the detail of texture in this painting. This portrait of a merchant shows the specifics aspects of the texture in all the objects represented in this painting, including the batches of papers, pens, coins, metals and the costume of the merchant.     
The reason why I chose this work by Jan van Huysum is because of the strong displayed of texture in this canvas.  From the transparency effect of the grapes, the fresh look on the leaves, the crispy effect of the flowers, fruits and the vine shows how well the texture of all surfaces are defined by the artist. 
    I chose this work by Ambrosius Bosschaert the Elder due to the artist ability to reproduce texture in his painting. By rendering accurate detail of the delicate texture of petals, the delicacy of opening buds, the basket and even the insects, including the transparency of the dragonfly’s wings shows how carefully Bosschaert observed and described texture. 
I selected this work by Jacob Van Hulsdonck, because of the artist meticulously way to represent surface on this painting. From the texture of the dimpled skin of lemons, oranges, the wooden tabletop, the insides of a succulent open pomegranate delicately held by a thin white tissue of the pulp, to even the glossy drops of water; the artist radiantly showed the fragile surface of the nature world in this canvas. 
The reason why I chose this work by Luis Melendez, is because of his mastery in rendering texture in this canvas. From the crispy bread, the rough edge of the wooden table, the small barrel, the glossy glass to the knife handle, Melendez rendered with precise detail the diversity of the texture in the objects of this painting,
I chose this work by Willem Kalf because of the artist ability to create contrast between transparent and reflective surfaces. The illustration of texture of the bread, the white drapery, the shiny glass, the metal of the ewer and the platter that holds the ewer, which reflects the wineglass adjacent to it, shows a detailed polished surface that shines with splendor. 
I selected this work by Takeuchi Seihō due to the artist impressive way to render texture in this painting. The artist painted so skillfully the smooth texture of the cat’s fur that it creates a visual feel, that it’s nearly touchable. 
The reason why I chose this work by Thomas Eakins is because of his amazing dedication to accuracy in texture shown in this canvas. The artist precision truly illustrates the light in the water, the texture of the boat and fabric of the men’s clothes. 
I selected this work by Walter Withers because of the great way he illustrates in detail the texture of the trees, the edged rocks and the plants in this painting; it truly represents the nature in this beautiful scenery. 
I chose this work by Claude Monet, because in this painting he employed another form of texture we can appreciate. Monet created thick texture of the sea with a noticeable body in the actual surface of the painting that best represents the fierce actions of the sea. 
The reason why I chose this work by Thomas Gainsborough is because of the great use of texture the artist employed to the canvas. The artist applied a rough texture to the dresses of the sisters in the actual painting, which illustrates graciously the silk gowns they are wearing. Also, Gainsborough shows vast texture on the wood bank, the flowers and the trees on the landscape, which completes this splendid work of art.  
I chose this work of art by Henry Ossawa Tanner, since he remarkably illustrates the sand in this canvas by actually incorporating actual sand into the pigments to imitate its texture. In addition, the artist shows great detail on the plants of the beach, the ocean and the beautiful moon rising above. 
Credits: All media
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