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“Tonight We Dine in Hell! Prepare for Glory!” – 300 movie the Histories is one of the masterpieces of classical literature, which describes how Greeks fought over the Greek city states united to repel the mighty Persian empire. However, Herodotus is an excellent storyteller who had a fine eye for the fantastical, although to his credit, he always qualified his more improbable assertions by stating that they are based on rumor or other sources that he could not exclusively verify. The book is sorted out into a three definable sections. The beginning is the parallel rise of freedom and empire “the small shall become the big; and the big shall become the small”, The middle: the clash of civilizations, a turning point of the Persian empire under a succession of rulers, the ending: a reenactment of the beginning, where Herodotus tells us about the thrilled of victory, the thirst for revenge etc. Discover: • How Sparta became the first military prowess • How the Athens use the wooden ships to destroy the Persians naval armada • What went down in the Battle of Thermopylae • Learn how Spartans train and incorporate it to your workout regime If you are into battle, strategies, and ready to face the long history of glory buy this book! It will knock your socks off!
“In the midst of the fountain of wit there arises something bitter, which stings in the very flowers” (Lucretius) On the Nature of Things is undoubtedly work of genius. It has influenced many philosophers, poets, and writers. This book has truly inspired many writers in Europe during the renaissance era. Lucretius, the unconvinced scientist in his prime struggling to resolve the ostensiously random qualities of the natural world with humankind’s persistent belief in a controlling divinity. Lucretius explores the profound man's relation to the earth, revelation with gods, and to the world. His imaginative, yet philosophical poems motivates many. He's scientific idea of how the world is made up of a small particle, such as atoms proves the level of his genius. This book is loaded with life lessons that will stay with you forever! Know how to: • Help yourself by understanding the universe • Motivate others with philosophical poems • Navigate the religious views • Take advantage of life “Stop trying to take advantage of life, god might take away something to balance the universe!” – Time I'm a true believer in karma. You get what you give, whether it's bad or good." (Sandra Bullock) This book will help you understand the world we live in. It will help you think about the balance in universe. Such as Newton’s Third law, to gain something, leave something behind. Don’t hesitate, Get your copies NOW! Buy it with your Money!
DO you believe in EVER AFTER? The ideology behind Utopia is simple. Say you have two beautiful cows. One produces awesome/delicious chocolate milkshakes; the other, awesome if not more delicious vanilla milkshake. AND YOU LIVE HAPPILY EVER AFTER! Thomas More’s Utopia is one of the most preferred ideology. Who wouldn’t like only working for 6 hours a day and gets to do whatever you desire on your spare time? Free educations, free health care, everyone is equal. This book is one of the most important works of European humanism. Through the narrative of traveler Raphael Hythloday, More describes the island of Utopia. Learn how the ideology of Utopia can help you: • Everyone working as equal for 6 hours a day • All men and women wear the same set of clothes (theory of Einstein) • Everyone sharing everything “Literature is my Utopia. Here I am not disenfranchised. No Barrier of the Senses shuts me out from the sweet, gracious discourses of my book friends. They talk to me without embarrassment or awkwardness” (Helen Keller) This book will help you imagine the Ever After futuristic mind. Purchase this book today!
Do you believe in equal rights for women and men? Do you think you are treated just as equal as men? People around the world still say they completely support equal rights for men and women, however many still believe men should get preference when it comes to good jobs, higher education or maybe even in some cases the simple right to work (in different countries). A vindication of the Rights of Women is an essay written by Mary Wollstonecraft, who vocally if not strongly supports the female equality, predominantly in the area of education. She gets rid of the cultivation of traditional female virtues of submission and service and argued that women could not be good mothers, good wives and good household leaders if they were not well-educated. She showed that women were expected to spend too much time on maintaining their delicate appearance and gentle demeanor and sacrificing intelligence for beauty. This book will help you learn: • What women needs to improve on to stand next to men as equal • On education of women • To be good mothers • To be good wives • To be good household leaders If you think you deserve the equal rights, to stand next to men for the rights of equivalent, buy this book and change the future! “Human rights are women’s rights, and women’s rights are human rights” (Hillary Clinton)
"Abolition of the family! Even the most radical flare up at this infamous proposal of the Communists.” – Communist Manifesto Do you think the communism is evil? What do you think about the word communism? Pick up this book and help yourself to distinguish the difference between socialism and communism. This book will knock your socks off! The Communist Manifesto is a novel imagination of the worldview Marx and Engels established during their frantic intellectual and political collaboration. Creating the principles of materialism (ex: you have two cows, the states takes both and gives you some milk), they believed that labor creates wealth, hence capitalism is oppressive and antithetical to freedom. This book will manifest your mind with idealized communism and demonstrate the historical importance of the text, but also emphasize the its place in the world today. Discover: • How the communism works • How to fight against communism • Avoid misguided ideology of communism • the difference between communism and socialism “There is no difference between communism and socialism, except in the way of achieving the same ultimate goal. Communism proposes to enslave men by force, socialism by voting. It’s the same difference between murder and suicide” (Ayn Rand) Read this book to further educate yourself on the ideology of communism, or socialism.
"THIS BOOK WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE!" The New York Times Stop working too hard and see how others work by reading this book! Working, is Studs Terkel's one of the bestselling books that shares what working-class Americans are all about! It shares the social values, hardships, struggles within ourselves, but the benefits of knowing who we truly are by working. Do you want to get rich? Do you want to see what other people are doing in life? Do you have what it takes to become successful? What is your most desirable job? Not every jobs out there are rewarding. Don’t you want a real life tips from hands-on experience people? Take your actions now and purchase this book! Studs Terkel’s brilliant interviews with working class Americans from across the nation exhibits the true embodiment of what we all envision. Terkel colorfully interviews many different occupational Americans. Discover: • How to reduce financial doubts • How to choose the right job for your life-time career • How to make money • How to build on hands-on experiences • How to make a flawless resume "The first step is you have to say that you can."-Will Smith Start envisioning NOW!
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