This is an exhibition on the beauties and challenges faced by mothers in all walks of life. It is a glimpse into the lives of women whose lives are influenced by their own.

In the beginning of motherhood, the mother is overcome with joy and warmth for this new bundle of joy that has just entered her life. This portrait demonstrates just that as the woman fawns over the baby.
Even the rich and prominent Marie-Antoinette shows a softer, maternal side as shown her in the portrait of her and her children. This also demonstrates that even when the mother is posed , motherhood is not. The children add contrast to her already distinguished demeanor.
This portrait represents those mothers who are not ready or do not welcome motherhood. As the expressionless woman reluctantly holds the baby body, we are reminded of mothers who unfortunately resent their children because motherhood was forced upon them before they were ready, or against their will.
This piece marks the beginning of the section that shows the challenges and duties of motherhood such as taking care of care of a child's hygiene. In this piece the mother his ridding the child's hair of lice, a not-so-lovely part of the job that is being a mother.
Nothing is scarier in motherhood than when her child is sick or in danger. This picture demonstrates how concern stems from compassion as the mother examines her ill young one.
I chose this piece because it demonstrates how the demands of motherhood change as the children get older. The mother must now tend to the materialistic side of her children as well as their health and well being. The mother is a lover, a healer, and a seamstress too.
This picture completes the series because it exemplifies the many layers within motherhood. The mother is a strong, central figure in this picture and in the lives of her children.
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