Leave them out of this

The theme of the exhibition is leaves. Leaves are crucial to a majority of nature artworks and often make the artwork what it is. If a tree were to not have leaves it would be lifeless with no natural form of beauty. One reason I decided for the theme of the exhibition to be about leaves is because commonly people undermine the beauty of leaves, in the real world and the art world. I want to show the audience that leaves are fascinating parts of artworks which don’t receive enough recognition.  For example in the artwork the “Boy among Withered Leaves” the leaves are important because they set the scene and blend in with the earthy colour scheme. Another reason I decided for the theme to be leaves is because there are many artworks with leaves that contribute to the art community which I wanted to further explore throughout the making of an exhibition. Audiences will see that throughout the exhibition the artworks relate to each other because I paired them up. By doing this I made my exhibition symmetrical. For example the exhibition begins and ends with a black and white drawing adjacent to a leave based sculpture, following that is another black and white drawing and so on. The decision to use these particular artworks was based on the artworks themselves. This is because I strive for the exhibition to explore the different views on leaves and the artworks I chose were amazing representations of this. Overall, I hope audiences are impressed with the warm, earthy exhibition I created and enjoy it as much as I do. 

This artwork represents the structural frame because it includes line and colour. The colours used show us how the artwork is simple and earthy whereas the lines help establish the leaves.
This artwork represents the cultural frame because it includes Chinese black pines and maple trees, showing the evident Chinese cultural aspect and the place it is inspired by.
This artwork represents the subjective frame because it demonstrates the personal experiences the artist has been through.
This artworks represents the postmodern frame because it was created during 2011 at the stage of postmodernism.
Credits: All media
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