A n i m a l 

'Animal' is a look into the complex nature of the subject. The animal enigma has been explored and contemplated by humans in their search for shared connection and experience for time immemorial. Beyond food, warmth and companionship, our needs to communicate, feel, react, protect, survive, walk, fly or breathe are perhaps just a few elements that bridge these two worlds, closing in on the gap between them. Curiosity and wonder have pushed us to question the ways that humans and animals might be different but also similar. The human perception may in fact be reflected equally and with the same importance in how animals themselves observe us, our habits and the ways we live. If we look to the child as an example, this human-animal relationship takes on new form as a shared experience in the ability to reach into the open and see the world through similar unrestricted eyes. 'Animal' draws on a number of works by artists who have explored the animal as subject, and who have presented them to us in a way so as we are unable to escape their likeness to being human. We are asked to take into consideration, the possibility of perceiving these expressions as humans, but more importantly, also as animals.      





An angry mother strikes out into the open space at us, as if we are a predator lurching from the bottom corner. Her swan cry resonates off of the surface of the canvas and we become aware of her penetrating desperation.
In nurturing unison, the young 'kid' attaches to his mother in the act of a private moment of exchange. Both youth and age encapsulate a sense of willingness and wisdom.
Melancholy surrounds Mother ewe as she guards the lamb at her feet. Cries of sorrow reach out into the sky and life has been disrupted for a moment. Loss; life and death; the earth and otherworld.
He gazes out and watches from behind a dark shadow with his startled and strange expression staring us in the face. Who is it that he sees and what is it that he wants to say to us in our shared need to communicate?
Imaginary beliefs breathe life into the plush cat through the hand of the child who see in it, the ability to explore one another. This human-animal relationship provides an escape activated by wonder.
Isolated from their natural and familiar setting the dog, bird, bunny, chicken and others find themselves removed. In youthful spirit they become the subject of human wonder and experience.
The breeze brushes past him In his illustrated landscape and the donkey stands still. But what is he thinking? Does he wonder where he is and how he became lost in this imagined space?
They depend on each other in an exchange that travels beyond survival and is about insight. The relationship of the fox and the chicken is not unlike ones that we know, its humanness a familiar helplessness.
We encounter a chase as a doe charges through the night's forest with a buck on her tail. Fear, anxiety and excitement race through the repeated frames as motion is captured and we become part of the game.
They find themselves displaced from their natural environments, and replaced within the domestic interior spaces of motels. Strangeness, humor and horror filter through the experience of the human world as the boundaries between what is real and what is not are blurred.
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