Radiating Color (Cody Burdette)

This gallery is focused primarily on color and the effects that it has on the viewer. Not only does color add brightness to the piece of art, but it also triggers one's sense of emotion. Each color can connote a specific essence that can be perceived differently by each viewer.

In this image, a male and female portrait are hanging in what seems to be an art gallery. The pops of color draw the eye to the portraits, giving each person a personality.
Depicted is the body of a schoolgirl kneeling down. The picture is rather bland except for her saturated fingernails. This represents how she makes her school experience a little more enjoyable.
This image displays two colored trees in a very low-saturated environment. This is a way to get the viewer to focus on the trees and the changing of the seasons.
This photo shows a woman wearing headphones staring at a blue rectangle. This could be a symbol of the woman's feelings. By adding a specific color, the mood of the image can be changed.
This image shows a wall that contains graffiti in a city. This is a very realistic piece of work. By adding a pop of color to this scene, the authenticity shows through.
This image shows a very unique billboard with a message to passerby's stating that their voice has a color. The brightness of this sign catches the eye and draws in the viewer.
This image is very different from the rest. The colors are not as vivid, but the writing and splash of red stands out. This is so the viewer will focus on the important message at the bottom.
This image displays a small Spanish woman. The colors of this mural are very saturated and bright, along with the message written in Spanish. This piece is very interesting and appealing to the eye.
This darkly-lit photo of a clown surrounded by red balloons is very interesting to look at. The red truly pops in contrast to the black background. The clown's shirt also stands out.
This image is a form of popart inspired by comic books. The woman on the front seems very distressed, however the colors are bright and cheery; a definite contrast.
Credits: All media
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