beauty in all sizes and colors

This gallery is a collection of art that is proves that beauty is in all shapes and sizes. Plus size women were depicted as Gods and Goddesses and now they are shamed in tabloids and on TV. Women of color aren't even depicted in a good light but here in this gallery, all women and some men will show the beauty that these artists captured when they painted of photographed them.

I'm not sure what this picture is portraying but the reason I chose it was because of the subjects dreads... I really love the way they look in the light.
I'm not sure what this is, it looks like two men posing for live art. The light of this room really captures and bring attention to the two men kneeling on the floor.
Three guys chilling on a beach. The way the light hits each model's skin and the way the sand lingers on the skin and glistens in the sun, it's a beautiful sight.
New Delhi The colors of this picture and the way the man within it curves and extenuate the lines of the painting is just beautiful and the colors are brilliant.
West Indian Woman and two other free women. I love the fact that these women of of color in the center of the painting and talking like normal people, instead of being depicted as slaves and thieves.
My mother I love the simplicity of this piece a woman sitting contently in a window just enjoying the day. The flowers that surrounds her gives off the illusion that she is sitting in a garden.
In the painting three women are bathing and one of them threaten to splash the other two. What drew me to the painting was the fact that the women were actually having fun and being playful.
This is a woman holding fruit. Its very simple. The woman is what drew me to it. In my opinion she is prettier than Mona Lisa. I love her clothes, her hair and the fact that she's not white, sorry.
Madonna and Child - Woman breast feeding her child. Now a days women are shamed for doing something so simple and this just shows how beautiful this natural act is.
This a depiction of Cleopatra. Although I think Cleopatra was a little darker then this but the beauty of this painting is stunning. I love the fact that she is plus size too.
Credits: All media
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